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Important Risk and Safety Information for Gebauer’s Pain Ease® and Gebauer’s Ethyl Chloride®:

Do not spray in eyes. Over spraying may cause frostbite. Freezing may alter skin pigmentation. Use caution when using product on persons with poor circulation. The thawing process may be painful and freezing may lower resistance to infection and delay healing. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use. CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Gebauer’s Pain Ease Only:

Apply only to intact oral mucous membranes. Do not use on genital mucous membranes. Consult your pediatrician when using on children 4 years old and younger.

Gebauer’s Ethyl Chloride Only:

Published clinical trial results support the use in children 3 years of age and older. Ethyl chloride is FLAMMABLE and should never be used in the presence of an open flame or electrical cautery equipment. Use in a well-ventilated area. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating or inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Do not spray in eyes. Over application of the product may lead to frostbite and/or altered skin pigmentation. Cutaneous sensitization may occur, but appears to be extremely rare. CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

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10 Little Wins That Can Instantly Make a Nurse Smile

By: Jennifer Clark | On: April 19, 2017

Little Wins That Can Instantly Make a Nurse Smile.jpgWe all look forward to the small victories during a busy day—for example, when a conversation we were dreading goes well or when we take a new approach to a task and it’s even more successful than we’d hoped.

Due to the nature of their job, the small victories nurses look forward to tend to be a little more unique. Here are 10 little wins that can instantly make a nurse smile.

1. Making lightning-fast, impactful care decisions

The hospital environment changes rapidly—a patient’s condition can go from stable to serious in the blink of an eye. Quickly assessing the situation and choosing the appropriate treatment is a rush nurses love.

2. Hearing words of encouragement from a fellow nurse

Nurses spend a considerable amount of time with their fellow hospital staff members, which often means the care team can feel like a family. Having another nurse show empathy and offer support after a particularly rough shift can make a huge difference in a nurse’s day.

3. Meeting someone they would never have spoken to otherwise

Nurses have the chance to meet people from different countries, environments and all walks of life. Every day they can hear the perspective of an individual who they may never have encountered if they weren’t a nurse.

4. Keeping track of their pen for an entire shift

Pens have a weird way of disappearing in the hospital. So when a nurse is able to hold onto his or her pen for a full 12 hours, it’s quite an achievement.

5. Learning something new

There is always the chance to grow professionally and personally in a hospital. Discovering a new way to perform a procedure or a better method for communicating with a patient can propel a nurse’s career.

6. Making a difference in someone’s life

No patient looks forward to a hospital stay, but while they are there, nurses enjoy the opportunity to help someone live a happier, more rewarding life after they leave.

7. Having their suggested change to a process accepted and implemented

When a nurse makes a recommendation for how to improve patient care and sees this change become part of the standard protocol, it results in a strong sense of accomplishment.

8. Receiving a genuine, heartfelt "Thank you" from a patient or their family

Ultimately, a nurse became a nurse to help those in their community. Unfortunately, not every patient is grateful for the care a nurse provides. When a patient or family member shows genuine appreciation for the nurse’s work, it can make up for those less-than-thankful patients.

9. Seeing a patient living a healthy life outside the hospital after a prolonged stay

Walking past a now-healthy patient on the street and knowing they are a big part of the reason why the patient is able to live a normal life helps convince nurses the long days and often sleepless nights were worth it.

10. Teaching and mentoring new nurses

Just as nurses love to learn things themselves, they also love to help new nurses improve their skills. Showing novice nurses the ropes and watching them grow as a professional and as a person is a rewarding feeling.

Nurses, likely more than most others, can always use a pick-me-up. Be sure show your appreciation for your care providers and do what you can to make a nurse smile.

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