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Your Most-Trusted Patient Comfort Provider for Over
100 Years

Gebauer provides industry-leading topical anesthetic products to improve the patient experience and increase satisfaction.

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Make Gebauer's Pain Ease® instant topical anesthetic part of your vaccination program

Studies show the use of cooling techniques reduces pain associated with vaccinations in adults and may also help pediatric patients.

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Patient Comfort Solutions™ - From hospitals to private practices, learn how doctors, nurses, and administrators use Gebauer topical anesthetics to improve patient comfort.

Nurse Leaders

Increase efficiency and boost HCAHPS scores with our patient comfort solutions.

Private Practice Physicians

Reduce patient anxiety and gain a competitive edge with instant topical anesthetic sprays.

Healthcare Administrators

Increase the impact of your patient comfort processes and investments.

A History of Honesty, Integrity & Innovation

Family owned and operated for over a century, Gebauer Company has remained on the forefront of patient comfort and topical anesthetic technology and advancement. From the front lines of two world wars, to the White House and to your hospital’s shelves, learn the journey that’s made Gebauer the most-trusted name in patient comfort for over 100 years.

Our History Who We Are

Professionals Depend on Gebauer

"My patients are especially thankful for dedication to excellence in order to put them at ease during an especially stressful time. As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Pain Ease has allowed me to accomplish this successfully."


"Our patient is always our chief concern.  But as you know, no margin - no mission, so weighing cost benefits is an important part of a nurse manager’s job. The issues to consider regarding Pain Ease are the costs associated with failed IV starts, the decrease in time nurses spend calming anxious patients and the increase in patient satisfaction.  Higher patient satisfaction translates into higher HCAHPS scores."

AnnMarie Papa, DNP, RN, CEN, NE-BC, FAEN, FAAN

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Learn which topical anesthetic is best for your organization by comparing price per dose, onset time, and much more.

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Instantly Control Procedural Pain While Improving Patient Satisfaction

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