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Improving Athlete-Centered Care

Posted by Bethany Nock on Fri, August 2, 2019

Athletic trainers are pulled in many directions and it can be challenging to focus on making the right calls while still building positive relationships with the athletes. Instant Ice is proud to partner with PBATS® (Professional Baseball Athlete Trainers Society) and recently wrote an article...

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How Athletic Trainers Can Build Better Relationships with Coaches and Administrators

Posted by Bethany Nock on Wed, March 27, 2019

Athletic trainers are, in many ways, the unsung heroes of any school sports program. The wide range of medical services you provide student-athletes — from preventative care and education to coordination with emergency services and rehabilitation assistance — is crucial to the success of any...

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how to avoid the most common winter sports injuries

Posted by Sue Zagula on Wed, December 12, 2018

Winter sports are a great way to stay in shape when “Old Man Winter” rears his ugly head – but can also lead to injury! From superficial bumps and bruises, to serious head injuries, you have to be careful. The good news is there are ways to decrease your risk of suffering some of the most common...

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Season's Eatings...Stay on Track This Holiday Season!

Posted by Bethany Nock on Wed, November 28, 2018

Even though training and competition are in high gear as the winter sports season gets underway, there is significant potential for treats and sweets to sneak into your diet this time of year.

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