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Sports Moms: The driving force behind middle and high school sports

Posted by Bethany Nock on Tue, June 8, 2021

Sure, Sports Moms have a culture all their own, one that is often mocked and parodied, but, one could argue these ladies make the wild world of Middle and High School sports go round. Let’s review 8 of the things Sports Moms manage that help make Middle and High School sports productive and fun.


Sports Moms are the masterminds behind the family calendar. They stay on top of practice and game times, including pick up and drop off. They may also juggle multiple child athletes and multiple sports in the family. They coordinate a soccer practice that bumps right up against swim team – even when they involve different children on different teams! Sports Moms organize carpools and support networks to ensure kids make it to the right field or court on time (or close to on time!).


Sports Moms will always be known for their unmistakable, hard-core, “my kid is MVP” cheerleading. She may be loud, hollering from the bleachers ensuring her kid has a good position on the field. Or she may be more reserved, standing on the sidelines proudly wearing team colors and snapping photos on her phone. Loud or soft, win or lose, they support their athletes.


We are never too old for snacks. The days of orange slices and salty crackers may dwindle by the time high school rolls around, but you can be sure Sports Moms have plenty of hydration drinks and high protein snacks on hand. They may sneak them in their kid’s duffle bag or have a stash in the back of their SUVs, but they’re always ready since their kids are always eating. Constantly.

Gear and Uniforms

Where is my shirt? What happened to my lucky water bottle? Sports Moms are champs when it comes to making sure their athletes have the right uniforms and gear for their sports program. They pack those duffel bags with extra mouth guards, bandages, deodorizers, and topical sprays like Instant Ice. They deliver their kids with the right stuff, so they can bring their best on game day.

Keeping family updated

Remember those photos and videos the Sports Moms were snapping on the sidelines? They will also proudly post or share those images to close friends and family to keep them updated on their child’s athletic progress. Grandma and Grandpa may live miles away, but they will always have an update on the progress, wins and losses because the Sports Moms create a matrixed support system that spans state lines.


All families struggle with completing homework, at some point. But, Sports Moms are almost guaranteed to have late nights since their young athletes have likely not started their school assignments until after their practice or match. Late nights can become the norm, but Sports Moms are always encouraging and stressing the importance of being a scholarly athlete.

Budget (Fundraising)

Sports are not inexpensive. In fact, Sports Moms are notorious at finding a way to make all the dollars and cents work. Uniforms, field time, gas, hotels, private lessons and camps add up quickly! Sports Moms often help initiate team fund raisers to soften the burden of these expenses. And they may even make financial adjustments in the rest of family life to ensure their athletes and team have what they need when they need it.

Team Gatherings

Sports Moms talk, they text, they post and they chat. They create team camaraderie on and off the field. They bring the families of young athletes together and are likely the organizing force behind pizza dinners, ice cream socials and end of season parties. Sports Moms drive that team culture created in the game and nurture it off the field. And, we all know how integral a strong team culture is, especially for building good sportsmanship and can even make the difference between winning and losing.

Sports Moms do a lot. Their role and influence are often overlooked and underestimated. But when we take a step back and reflect, Sports Moms earn a standing ovation. They are often the driving force behind so many young athletes, making an incredible difference.