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Sue Zagula

Sue Zagula | Gebauer

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how to avoid the most common winter sports injuries

Posted by Sue Zagula on Wed, December 12, 2018

Winter sports are a great way to stay in shape when “Old Man Winter” rears his ugly head – but can also lead to injury! From superficial bumps and bruises, to serious head injuries, you have to be careful. The good news is there are ways to decrease your risk of suffering some of the most common...

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6 Ways Athletic Trainers Can Make Their Lives Easier

Posted by Sue Zagula on Thu, December 28, 2017

Being an athletic trainer goes far beyond taping ankles and applying ice packs. There are administrative duties, equipment to monitor and supplies to order. Not to mention the critical conversations you have with athletes and their parents about their injuries.

As an athletic trainer, you have a...

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5 Things You Should Do Before a Winter Run to Be Safe

Posted by Sue Zagula on Tue, December 12, 2017

When done safely, a winter run is actually pretty good for you. St. Mary’s University researchers revealed a winter run requires less energy and could bring your heart rate down by 6 percent. They also concluded your best chance to set a personal record may be when the mercury takes a nosedive.


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